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Strictly Iron was founded in 2010 with one mission: to provide high quality custom iron works for the community of Las Vegas. Many years later, we are proud to say that we are considered the leading iron company in the area. Our professionalism, dedication to each client and high quality of work have secured us the trust and respect of our clients. Strictly Iron is the preferable choice for designing, building and installing:

We are capable of creating any item you desire! Our products are of the highest quality, and are built to last. We employ a team of skilled and trained professional workers who have lots of experience in this field of work. Their knowledge and skills, combined with the modern equipment and machines we utilize results in an outstanding quality of production and services alike.

Trust in our professionalism and expertise like countless people have done before you, and get in touch with us!


When you find yourself in need of custom fences, gates or security doors and bars, do not hesitate to call us. Strictly Iron is the company to turn to when you require custom iron works in the Las Vegas area.